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Max Payne 3 golden gun parts and clues guide

Chapter 11: Sun Tan Oil, Stale Margaritas, and Greed (6 parts, 8 clues)

Above: All collectibles from chapter 11

Clue 1: Notes on Max

After killing the initial group of baddies, check the room across from Max’s. There on a dresser and you’ll find a yellow note.

Clue 2: Passos’ Bed

From Max’s room, head down the hall and enter the next room on your right. Investigate the bed for a clue.

Super Sport: part 1

Enter the kitchen through the right-hand entrance and proceed through the next door with the plastic flaps, then immediately turn left and look at the ground.

Clue 3: Blood Trail

Just after you close the two fuel valves, you’ll enter a room where a sliding door opens to reveal the Panama Canal. Observe the bloodstain on the wooden deck for a clue.

Super Sport:
part 2

Once outside, climb the stairs to the upper deck and take out the enemies. Instead of heading inside the gym, go around the right side to find a part.

Clue 4: Discarded Newspaper

After you enter the room where some thugs are trying to get through a wall, check the circular table in the middle of the room for a newspaper.

Clue 5: Pried Wall

Simply inspect the torn up wall in the room for another clue.

Clue 6: Daphne’s Passport

Leave the room where you found the last two clues and start heading down the hall. Enter the first door on your right and check the floor behind the desk for a clue.

Clue 7: Daphne’s Jewelry Box

Go back to the hall and enter what would be the third door on your right if you started at the beginning of the corridor. Take out the enemies and then inspect the giant blue jewelry box in the room near the bed.

: part 1

From the helipad, head inside towards the bridge. Keep an eye to your left, looking out for a portrait of the captain. Shoot this portrait and the safe behind it to reveal a gun part.

: part 2

After you meet up with Passos, you’ll be caught up in a series of firefights. Once you can move freely (and safely), do not join Passos inside. Instead, turn around, sticking to the right-hand side. Backtrack far enough and you’ll find this part.

Super Sport
: part 3

After you use the zip line, take out the immediate threat and then head around to the right side of the building. You’ll find this part on the ground near the barbed-wire fencing.

: part 3

After you open the security gate, head to the top of the stairs. Once at the top level, you’ll notice another staircase to your right leading down – take it to find another part.

Clue 8: Visitor Center Display

In the all the green room, inspect the display featuring two men for another clue.