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Max Payne 3 golden gun parts and clues guide

Chapter 12: The Great American Savior of the Poor (6 parts, 6 clues)

Above: All collectibles from chapter 12

Clue 1: Gurney

After the short first cutscene involving the incinerator, move forward and examine the gurney.

Clue 2: Ammo Crate

Leave the incinerator room through the double doors and walk into the first cage on your right. Inspect the ammo crate for another clue.

RPG: part 1

After a short elevator ride, you’ll encounter two henchmen. Take them out (or don’t) before checking the nearby bathroom floor for this part.

FMP G32:
part 1

After passing through the yellow security gate, go down the left path and head down the hallway. Check the ground behind the cart for a gun part.

Clue 3: Passos’ ID Card

Climb out of the lower area where the floor dropped and up to the room on the right. You’ll find Passos’ ID next to a sofa, underneath a small side table.

Clue 4: Wall Photos

The photos are in the same room where you found clue 3, just turn to the wall and inspect the blatantly obvious pictures.

: part 2

As you climb the stairs to the next level, Max will have another inner monologue. You’ll emerge in a long hallway. As you proceed, look for a hole in the wall to your right that leads to a bathroom. There on the floor you’ll find a part.

: part 2

Just after climbing up the elevator shaft, you’ll have to take out some gunmen behind a small cart. After it’s safe, move over to your right and check the ground behind the counter for another part.

Clue 5: Newspaper Article

After passing the pool, you’ll have to loop around to the left and reenter the building from another entrance. Then look on the bar to your left for the newspaper.

: part 3

After the cutscene with the doctor, you’ll be in a new, larger room. Look for an armchair on the right side of this room, then check the ground behind it for a part.

Clue 6: Donation Receipt

After you find the C4, a short cutscene will occur. Once you have control again, turn around and return to the small room where you found the C4. There is a receipt on the shelf you need to investigate for a clue.

: part 3

If you turn to your left from where you go into cover with the sniper rifle, you’ll spot the chapter’s final part on another ledge close by. You’ll need to enter the building and loop to the right to reach that ledge.