Max Payne 3 golden gun parts and clues guide

Chapter 8: Ain’t No Reprievement Gonna Be Found Otherwise (6 parts, 3 clues)

Above: All collectibles from chapter 8

Auto 9MM: part 1

After the fight at the stairs involving the thug with a grenade launcher, go right instead of climbing the steps. There’s a part on the ground right in front of the furthest mausoleum.

Clue 1: Valerie’s Tombstone

Climb the steps and clear this upper area of baddies. Before joining Passos at the gate, check the tombstone with the urn on top of it for a clue.

608 Bull: part 1

After the cutscene where Passos runs off, clear the area, but instead of following your partner, turn to the right of your starting position and check behind this structure for a gun part.

Auto 9MM:
part 2

After you pass through the large double doors into the circular area with a large fountain, make an immediate right and follow the wall until the path ends. There on a shelf, you’ll find a part.

608 Bull
: part 2

After you save Passos and clear the area, head behind the sarcophagus at the center of the area. It’s there you’ll find the gun part on the ground.

Clue 2: Nicole’s Mausoleum

From the body of the man who was holding Passos at gunpoint, head forward and to the left. Look for a mausoleum with a brown door and investigate it for a clue.

Clue 3: Vinnie’s Tombstone

Immediately after the cutscene with the shovel, turn slightly to your right. You’ll notice a statue of an angel and a dark tombstone behind it. Examine that tombstone for a clue.

Auto 9MM
: part 3

From clue 3, continue down the path leading to the morgue. When you’re in front of the large building, turn left and enter the smaller house. Check the small room with a sink for this gun part.

608 Bull
: part 3

You can grab this part immediately after the cutscene in which you enter the church. Once you have control, just move to the right and nab the part from under the podium.