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Max Payne 3 golden gun parts and clues guide

Chapter 5: Alive If Not Exactly Well (6 parts, 6 clues)

Above: All collectibles from chapter 5

Clue 1: Parked Helicopter

As soon as the level begins, simply walk forward and up to the fence in front of you. Examine the helicopter seen behind it for a clue.

Clue 2: Ransom Note

Upon entering the warehouse, Max will see a video playing, then engage in a firefight through a window. After the fight, turn around and check next to the TV for the ransom note.

Micro 9mm: part 1

After opening the garage door to an inviting gang of baddies, clear the area and look to the right for a brown crate in between two stacks of shipping containers. Climb onto this crate and grab the gun part.

Clue 3: Video Camera

After the cutscene where Max enters the warehouse in which Fabiana was being held, examine the camera for a clue.

Micro 9mm: part 2

Exit the warehouse with the camera and stay to your right. Round the corner of the building and grab this part from the ground near a fence.

Clue 4: Branco Family Photo

After you fall from the boat and have a forced shootout inside the boathouse, look for the office. This clue is just inside on a desk.

Micro 9mm: part 3

Leave the office and turn left, climbing the nearest staircase. You’ll find this gun part up here.

Clue 5: Boathouse Newspaper

Upon entering the next warehouse you’ll spot a small table. To the right of that table you’ll find a newspaper.

Clue 6: Nightclub Floor Plans

From where you found the newspaper, turn around and enter the office. Investigate the blueprints on the desk for a clue.

LMG .30: part 1

Leave the warehouse out the back exit (the one with the flashing light above it) and check the trash-filled container just outside for a part.

LMG .30: part 2

After passing through the sliding gate, walk forward across the yard and into the small shed to find another part.

LMG .30: part 3

While on the docks, you’ll reach a fork. Heading right will lead you through a gate that finishes the chapter. If you head left and following the path back to the small shack leads you to this chapter’s final gun part.