All Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Spider Bot locations

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 spider bots
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Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Spider Bots are little collectibles around New York City, tiny mechanical drones that are all patterned on various characters, heroes and villains from across the Spider-Verse. With 42 of the little buggers in total to track down, I've personally hunted down every single one and created a special Spider-Bot map for you to use below. The bots themselves won't be introduced until after the story mission "Science Buddy", but after doing a quest that follows it called "Spider-Spy" (introducing the first bot) that you can go and grab as many of them as you like.

You'll find Spider Bots clinging to buildings, crawling under bridges, and occasionally hovering in the air. And while they initially feel easy to find when there are plenty out there, as the numbers start to drop you can eventually find yourself struggling to locate any more. So use my Spider-Man 2 Spider Bot map to track them all down and see what it unlocks.

As for what you get for finding them all, it's both a spoiler and nothing that really changes the game in anyway, so don't skip ahead if you want to keep the surprise.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Spider-Bot map

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 spider bots

(Image credit: Insomniac)

As I mentioned, you won't be able to find any Spider Bots until you complete the mission 'Science Buddy' and Ganke calls you. That will point you to the first Spider Bot, Spider-Man 2099. After that they're just out in the world to find. The key to finding Spider Bots is the big pink pulsing bubble that emanates from them. You'll also hear a distinctive pulse sound when you get close enough, which will add a Spider Bot icon to your map.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 spider bot location ping

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Early on they're hard to miss as you swing around the map, but as the numbers begin to dwindle it can get harder, as you're less likely to get close enough to trigger them, or be facing the right way when they give out their tell-tale blip. 

So check the Spider-Man 2 Spider Bot map below for the locations of all of them, which is based on the order I found them as I played.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 spider bot map

(Image credit: Insomniac)
  1. Spider-Man 2099 (First one found as part of the introductory quest)
  2. Spider-UK 
  3. Spider-Monkey
  4. Aracnido Jr
  5. Spider-Man Noir
  6. Black Cat Noir
  7. Spider-Armor MK-22
  8. Iron Spider 
  9. Mr Negative
  10. Spider-Woman
  11. Anya Corazon
  12. Spider-Man 1602
  13. Gwen Stacy
  14. Classic Spider Bot
  15. Spider-Armor MK III
  16. Secret Wars
  17. Across the Spider-Verse
  18. Shocker
  19. Future Foundation
  20. Stealth
  21. Classic Mysterio
  22. Spider-Punk
  23. Mangaverse
  24. Ultimate 
  25. Into the Spider-Verse
  26. Blood-Spider
  27. Electro-Proof Spider-Man
  28. Scarlet Spider
  29. Scorpion
  30. Prowler
  31. Peni Parker
  32. Dusk
  33. Spider-Girl
  34. Rhino
  35. Vulture
  36. Spirit Spider
  37. JJJ
  38. Flipside
  39. Sensational Spider-Man
  40. Spider-Ham
  41. Mysterio
  42. Superior

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Spider Bot rewards

The big reward for finding all of the Spider-Man 2 Spider Bots is, uh, a thing you get. Namely 400 Tech Parts and 1,000 XP. Completing the search will also unlock a new location where you can watch a cut scene to meet Delilah in The Bar With No Name, who'll take all of the Spider Bots off you. If you're wondering who that is, then she's a character that was originally going to appear as a post credit scene for Across the Spider-Verse but was eventually cut. I know, right? The only reason anyone knows who she is at all is because the official art book for the film outlines some early rough designs for the character and location.

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