All Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Photo locations

Spider-Man 2 Photo Ops
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The Spider-Man 2 Photo Ops locations are spread all across New York, with various scenes and locations you can find across the game and photograph for Robbie Robertson at the Daily Bugle. There'll be a mission early on where you're tasked to photograph some rooftop frisbee (with one of many Spider-Man 2 Easter eggs concealed within) but then there'll be plenty more to find as an optional collectible. If you're struggling, don't worry - for all the aspiring shutterbugs out there, here's where to find all the Spider-Man 2 photos and what you're looking for!

All Spider-Man 2 Photo Ops locations

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There are a total of 23 Spider-Man 2 Photo Ops to collect around New York City, once you've completed the Show Me New York mission to unlock them – note that you'll automatically receive #19 on my list as part of that assignment. Each of the Photo Ops you successfully capture will be recorded under the Collections tab in the menu, and are split across the districts as follows:


  1. The City Game

Upper West Side:

  1. Kinda Fanboys

Central Park:

  1. The Truth
  2. To the Beat

Upper East Side:

  1. The Roof Court

Hell's Kitchen:

  1. The Duel


  1. We Haven't Forgotten
  2. Audition Piece


  1. Greenwich Mural
  2. Telling Time


  1. Checkmate
  2. The Little Taiyaki Cart

Financial District:

  1. It Was an Accident


  1. Step up to the Plate
  2. The Masked Challenger

Downtown Queens:

  1. We'll Treat You Like Family

Little Odessa:

  1. The Bodega Beef
  2. We're Here Every Week
  3. High-Stakes (collected automatically in the Show Me New York mission)


  1. Hidden Oasis

Downtown Brooklyn:

  1. Now That's a Bridge
  2. Beach Party
  3. Champion of Champions

List of Spider-Man 2 Photo Ops

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If you're missing any of the Spider-Man 2 Photo Ops in your Collections menu, then use the above image to cross-reference against my map and listing to see where you need to go to complete the set for the New York, New York Trophy.

How to collect Photo Ops in Spider-Man 2

How to collect Spider-Man 2 Photo Ops

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When you get close to a Spider-Man 2 Photo Ops location a green camera icon will appear on your map, and if you click the right stick to scan the area then the same floating icon will also appear in the world to guide you to the correct spot. Once you're in position, swipe up on the touchpad to access the camera then hold L2 to aim it. Look around until you see one of the following three notifications on screen:

  • Subject Obscured
    You're looking at the right target, but something is blocking your view so adjust your position.

  • Subject Not in Focus
    You're not quite looking at the right target, so adjust your aim a small amount.

  • Subject in Focus
    You're good to go, so hit R1 to collect the Photo Op.

Hidden Oasis in Williamsburg

Spider-Man 2 Photo Ops - Hidden Oasis

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For most of the Photo Ops in Spider-Man 2 it's quite easy to work out what you need to capture when you arrive in the designated area, but there are a couple that may cause some confusion. For #20 Hidden Oasis in Williamsburg, you need to get up on the rooftops and then take a photo looking down into the water tank that's been converted into a bar.

Now That's a Bridge in Downtown Brooklyn

Spider-Man 2 Photo Ops - Now That's a Bridge

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The other potentially problematic Photo Op is #21 Now That's a Bridge in Downtown Brooklyn, as the camera icon designates where you need to stand rather than the target to capture. Position yourself behind the group of tourists, then aim your camera above them at the Brooklyn Bridge to get the perfect shot.

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