Where to find Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Tech Crates

Spider-Man 2 Tech Crates
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Spider-Man 2 Tech Crates have been stashed all over New York City, from street-level alleyways to sky-scraping rooftops, and each of these abandoned chests you rip open will provide some additional Tech Parts or Rare Tech Parts to add to your collection. Those are spent unlocking new Spider-Man 2 suits to customize your appearance, as well as adding fresh Spider-Man 2 skills, abilities, gadgets and suit tech to your arsenal, so you'll need to keep your balance topped up for frequent upgrades while you work through the Marvel's Spider-Man 2 storyline. To learn the best ways of tracking down these essential Tech Parts, here's how and where to find Tech Crates in Spider-Man 2.

Spider-Man 2 Tech Crates and Rare Tech Crates locations

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On the map above I've marked a selection of Spider-Man 2 Tech Crates locations in each area of New York City. This is by no means an exhaustive listing, but will be more than enough to boost your Tech Parts balance so you can unlock all of the items available in the earlier parts of the game. If you want to find more Tech Crates for yourself, then I have pointers below for how to track them down.

How to find Tech Crates in Spider-Man 2

Scanning Spider-Man 2 Tech Crates through walls

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If you're trying to find Tech Crates in Spider-Man 2, then a good method is to swing or glide above the rooftops in an area and look for the tell-tale blue or yellow glow coming from them, as you can usually spot it from a distance – blue crates contain Tech Parts while yellow crates contain Rare Tech Parts. Listen out for the repeating 'ping' sound they make, as if you hear this while exploring then you'll know there's a crate on a rooftop or in an alleyway nearby, and if you click the right stick to scan the area you can see the Tech Crate glowing through walls.

Unlocking the All Seeing Suit Tech upgrade to find Spider-Man 2 Tech Crates

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Finally, once you've made enough progress in the story you'll get access to Suit Tech upgrades, which will let you craft the All Seeing upgrade under Traversal. This is unlocked at Level 21 and will require a generous number of Tech Parts and Hero Tokens to craft the preceding upgrades, but once you have All Seeing equipped you'll reveal all Tech Crate locations as icons on your minimap. Then it's simply a case of swinging around the city and grabbing those you see.

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