Marvel vs Capcom 3's alternate costume showcase


Taskmaster has some fans at GR, and we appreciate his costumes reflecting his decade’s long history in comics. The orange cape and dark blue suit goes back to Taskie’s first appearance in Avengers #195, the hideous orange look is from when he was a member of the Frightful Four, and the other color scheme references his redesign from a few years ago which has thankfully been left behind.


Though they all look nice, only one of the thunder god’s outfits directly references his past. The slightly darker, blue/gold look isn’t one Thor really ever wore, but his alien doppelganger Beta Ray Bill did during his many cosmic crusades.


Unlike DMC co-star Dante, at least one of Trish’s looks has a connection to a previous Devil May Cry. In DMC4, Trish took on the alias Gloria, and her disguise included white hair, white clothes, and very tan skin.

Tron Bonne

Tron doesn’t have much history to dwell on, but we really liked what the devs did with her. We can’t place the black version, but the blonde and red is a pretty obvious homage to Mega Man’s sister Roll, and the blue and yellow paint job on her mech makes it look like one of her adorable Servebots.

Viewtiful Joe

Though simple, the Viewtiful Joe’s pallet swaps work since it seems half of Joe’s enemies in his games are pallet swaps of him anyway. The all blue is a tribute to his idol/enemy Captain Blue, and the all black looks like the second game’s big boss, Emperor Jet Black. We’re still at a loss on the white suit.


With almost as many costumes to choose from as Spider-Man and Iron Man, Wolverine ended up with some real winners. While the black outfit is the same one he wears on secret missions with X-Force, he wore the brown and yellow costume for most of the 80s. The red and blue is the most obscure, only tangentially related to Logan’s Age of Apocalypse duds in the color pattern.


Wolverine’s feminine side had a surprising amount of outfits to choose from, so all of her alts fit. The yellow/black costume is her more standard X-Men attire, the white pants and black top recall a short time when X-23 was possessed by the cosmic entity Captain Universe, and the striped top is one of her more casual looks from the comics.


We can’t match the dark blue with red suit with anything [Update: user Sensatiano pointed out the colors fit Axl, a character from later Mega Man X titles], but the other two are painfully obvious. The blue with brown hair references Capcom icon Mega Man, which only makes the character’s not being in MvC3 more apparent. Meanwhile, the black with gold highlights is a tribute to Zero’s fellow Mega Man rival, Bass.

Feb 10, 2011

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