Marvel vs Capcom 3's alternate costume showcase

Mike Haggar

The camo pants look great on Mike, and we like the more formal black pants, but the white haired Haggar makes us feel a little sad, no matter how buff the Mayor has kept in his old age.


In spite being a joke character, the devs seemed pretty serious when choosing MODOK’s several different looks. The all white armor is from his from his first appearance decades ago, his more ashen look is from his recent Super-Villain Team-Up series, and though it looks like he just put on lipstick in the center outfit, that’s actually MODAM, his little-seen female counterpart.


Morrigan has one of the more creative alternate sets out of the entire Capcom roster. Much like Felicia, her blonde look was her main alt color from the Darkstalkers games, and her purple hair/red one piece is a tribute to her sister Lillith.

Nate Spencer

This guy sucks too much to have meaningful alts. There, we said it.


All of Phoenix’s costumes mean something, like how the white outfit is from Jean Grey’s post-death miniseries Endsong. The black goes back to the early 2000s’ New X-Men series, and the 90s look for Jean was the inspiration for the blue and yellow. We were disappointed that Dark Phoenix isn’t a choice, but since that evil persona appears during her level 5 super combo, we’ll forgive the omission.


Like most of the Capcom guys, there seems to be little rhyme or reason to Ryu’s fashion choices.


While we appreciate the inclusion of traditional Sentinel colors like the middle one, nothing beats the return of the Mango Sentinel.


We’re huge fans of She-Hulk’s purple and white costume, but her alts are pretty inspired. The white-haired She-Hulk is the Ultimate version as seen in the continually delayed Ultimate Hulk vs Wolverine comic, and the red She-Hulk is her own new alternate nemesis to match her famous cousin’s Rulk. The one wearing the red Fantastic Four costume was hard to place at first, but she’s Lyra, Hulk’s daughter from another timeline.


Spidey is such a perfect fit for alternate costumes that we wish he was allowed ten more, though we ended up with some great ones. Obviously the black and white is the Symbiote suit that replaced the classic red and blues for years. The red/gold look is the regrettable Iron Spider suit Tony Stark cooked up for Spidey that was quickly shelved, and the black and green is his new stealth suit which appeared just months ago in the Big Time storyline.


Like most X-Men, Storm is familiar with multiple uniforms and the alt colors reflect that. The all-white look goes back to her most famous costume, one she wore in the ‘90s animated series as well as the comics, and the black with red cape goes back to her standard look when leading the X-Treme X-men a few years ago, but the all red has us at a loss.


The white and black Skrull is another Ultimate look invading the classic Marvel U, and the orange and black was the dress for many Super Skrulls during the recent Secret Invasion crossover. However, the third look seems totally original.

Henry Gilbert

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