Marvel vs Capcom 3's alternate costume showcase


Akuma’s alts, like many of his fellow Capcom fighters, are a little hard to pick out, though we’re sure some have been used in previous games, like how the Akuma with white hair is a clear reference to Shin Akuma, the boss from Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

Albert Wesker

We’re going to file these under “totally random.” [Update: user Darkvare correctly pointed out the first Wesker image looks just like Devil May Cry 3 bad guy Vergil]


Our old pal from Okami always looks great, but she doesn’t have a rich history to draw from, so these choices look to be simply aesthetic. [Update: user MrSuitMan correctly identified these as matching other Canine Warriors from Okami]


Though you’ll see Arthur’s true gold armor in one of his special attacks, all three of his alts reference armor power-ups from the Ghost ‘n Goblins series.

Captain America

The darker, more morbid, skull insignia outfit represents a very short period of time when the Punisher tried to take on the mantle after Captain America’s “death.” The teal variation was one of the more popular color choices from previous MvC games, while the Red Cap and shield references Cap’s former Cold War rival Red Guardian.

Chris Redfield

We’re going to take a guess that just like Wesker, these hold no real meaning, though the first one brings to mind Chris’ old S.T.A.R.S. COLORS.


During the process of collecting these screens, fellow editor Brett Elston pointed out that the red costumewas Chun-Li’s first ever alt, introduced in Street Fighter II Champion Edition, the first game in the series to allow both players to pick the same character.

Crimson Viper

Like Amaterasu, C-Viper hasn’t been around long enough to amass a wardrobe of much meaning, but at least she wears it well.

Henry Gilbert

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