Marvel vs Capcom 3's alternate costume showcase


Instead of choosing a look that channels his brother Nero, or perhaps even emulating the black hair of his recently revealed redesign, Dante’s other looks don’t have much to say.


Deadpool’s colors reference teams he’s been affiliated with at one time or another. Orange and blue was his costume from a possible future where he joined a team of mutants lead by Wolverine, while Deadpool’s wears the white and black in the just launched Uncanny X-Force series. Lastly, the reversed red and black stem from a prequel series when DP was working for Weapon X.

Doctor Doom

Believe it or not, the ruler of Latveria changes his costumes often. In the far flung future of 2099, a man claiming to be Doom wore the blue/silver and red/black ensembles, while the black on grey is from a bleaker future where Doom has conquered America with his fellow bad guys.


Not all the looks for Dormie have an obvious connection, but the blue and green harkens back to his earliest appearances and the purple/red combo his more traditional look.


Another strange collection of alts, though the blonde Felicia goes all the way back to her first alternate from Darkstalkers.


If any of you Dalkstalkers super fans have any clues, we’d like to hear them, because we’re drawing a blank with these.


Hulk’s has a real colorful history (JOKES) so he’s pretty easy to create alts for. Though the teal Hulk is a tribute to an old MvC color, the grey Hulk was his original color in comics and a separate persona he took on in the 90s, while Red Hulk (or Rulk) is his slightly ridiculous nemesis introduced a few years ago. Fun fact: Rulk’s skin gets super hot when angry.

Iron Man

Iron Man’s armor closet is plenty deep, so it must have been hard to limit it to only three. The grey suit goes back to the first armor Tony built almost fifty years ago, while all blue one is the stealth suit he created in the early ‘80s, a fan favorite even if it’s rarely used. The middle one was first seen in Iron Man #200, called the “Silver Centurion” suit, which he wore when taking down Obidiah Stane.


Teal and black for Mags only makes sense as another MvC series reference, but the other two have comic history backing them up. The purple and red reversal was worn by the Magneto of the Mutant X universe and the red with black cape adorned the Magneto of the Ultimate Comics line.

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