Marvel moving forward with The Inhumans

Having scoffed at Vin Diesel’s hint that an Inhumans adaptation would be next on the way from Marvel, we’re having to eat a slice of humble pie just one day later, with Collider reporting that the studio is moving forward with the project.

According to the report, Joe Robert Cole has written a script that Marvel is happy with, with the studio now looking for a director to helm the new project.

The source material is based around a group of humans experimented upon by Kree scientists and left with a host of genetic modifications that grant them super-powers.

It’s certainly not the best-known Marvel property, but neither was Guardians Of The Galaxy , and the studio has clearly been emboldened by that film’s wild success.

The report concludes that The Inhumans will occupy one of the untitled movie slots on the studio’s ongoing release schedule, although no official details have been confirmed as yet.

In the meantime, we’ll be watching Vin Diesel’s Facebook page with renewed interest…

George Wales

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