Super Mario Bros. Levi's clothing collection launches Thursday

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Levi's has announced a new launch date for its Super Mario Bros. collection of clothing and accessories. The collection was set to launch on April 1, but now the official word is that it'll launch Thursday, April 9. In a press release, Levi's describes the Super Mario Bros. collection as including "men's and women's denim, tees, hoodies, and accessories."

You can keep tabs on the official Levi's website to grab your favorite item from the collection as soon as it's made available.

Original story: Levi's Jeans have revealed the first look at their curious collaboration with Nintendo, and official Super Mario Bros. overalls have been confirmed. The denim collection launches April 1, but this isn't an elaborate April Fool's Day prank, as far as I'm aware.

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When a collaboration between the American denim brand and Nintendo was first revealed, I began desperately hoping for an official pair of branded Super Mario Bros. overalls. In celebration of Mario day on March 10, my dream has come true, although it's about five months too late for my Luigi Halloween costume from last year.

No other details have been revealed about the collection, save for the two images seen above and the April 1 launch day. You can see the overalls sporting a deep blue wash with Super Mario Bros. coins spilling into the right rear pocket. Then there's a denim jacket with the Super Mario Bros. logo and various series icons embroidered around the back. And for the very boldest of Mario stans, you can get tops, bottoms, and a hoodie plastered with the faces of hundreds of Super Mario Bros. characters.

As a total sucker for even the most generic Nintendo shirts from the clearance rack, I'm definitely interested in the new Super Mario Bros. collection from Levi's, but I'll wait to see pricing details before I get too invested. And if you aren't much for denim, fortunately, Mario Day is also giving you the chance to save a bundle on all sorts of Nintendo games, from Super Mario Maker 2 to Super Mario Party.

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