Levi's might be dropping the first Nintendo-licensed Super Mario Bros. overalls

(Image credit: Nintendo)

In Nintendo's latest attempt to perplex and confound its fans, they're collaborating with American denim magnate Levi's on… something. We don't know what it is just yet, but my money and hopes are on officially-licensed Super Mario Bros. overalls.

Listen, I was Luigi for Halloween last year in spirit of Luigi's Mansion 3 launching on Halloween night, and let me tell you: it's damn near impossible to find overalls with the same deep blue hue and bright yellow buttons as Mario and Luigi wear. That is, unless you're willing to sacrifice your dignity and wear one of those papery monstrosities that come with retail costumes. What I wouldn't have given for an officially-licensed pair of overalls from Nintendo.

Of course, we don't have a lot suggesting it's actually overalls Nintendo and Levi Jeans are working on, but I can't really imagine what else it could be. The three-second teaser from Levi's simply features the two company's logos followed by a gold coin from the Mario series. 

The project received a shout-out from Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser, although Bowser didn't add anything to indicate what we can expect. Nintendo has never been shy to infuse its branding into everything from toothbrushes and playing cards to fast-food kids' meals. Likewise, Levi's previously collaborated with Star Wars and Disney for an officially-licensed clothing line (thanks GameSpot).

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