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Mario Day sale offers big savings on Nintendo Switch games like Mario Kart and Super Mario Maker 2

Mario Day sale offers big savings on Nintendo Switch games like Mario Kart and Super Mario Maker 2
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It's Mario Day, and that means Mario Day sales. Yes, it's a thing - March 10, or 'Mar10', looks a bit like 'Mario'. Geddit? Anyway. To celebrate the moustachioed plumber, loads of his games on Nintendo Switch have seen discounts at a bunch of retailers, some with a whole $20 knocked off the price. Accessory deals and a Switch console offer have been thrown in as well for those who haven't yet taken the plunge (this bundle with a Mario-themed PowerA controller is just $299, for instance).

To kick off the Mario Day sale, some recent Mario games have been reduced by $20 apiece: Super Mario Maker 2 has gone down to $39.99 at Walmart; and Super Mario Party has seen a price drop of $20 there as well. Although the bigger Mario games haven't seen such a significant reduction, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has fallen by $15 to a more affordable $44.99 at Best Buy. Super Mario Odyssey has also tumbled to $44.99 at Best Buy, while New Super Mario Bros. U is $15 less. Suffice to say, there's a good amount of money to be saved here.

It's worth noting that the event runs until March 14, 2020, so there are a few days left to enjoy a good deal on everything Mario-related from Switch and 3DS games to a whole host of other accessories.

Mario Day at retailers:
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Mario Day sale

Nintendo Switch (Neon Blue/Red + PowerA Super Mario controller | $299 at Walmart (save $17.51)
Not got a Switch yet? Now's your chance - that's not a bad price for the console with a free bonus controller.

Super Mario Maker 2 | $39.99 at Walmart (save $20)
Create your own Mario levels with this update to the brilliant Mario Maker, all for $20 less.

Super Mario Party | $39.99 at Walmart (save $20)
If you want a solid multiplayer game, this fresh take on the classic Mario Party formula is just $40 right now.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe | $44.99 at Best Buy (save $15)
Mario Kart is the kart racer for Switch, and its multiplayer always goes down well - particularly at that price. 

Super Mario Odyssey | $44.99 at Best Buy (save $15)
Odyssey has gone down as one of Mario's best games in years - grab it here with a discount.

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe | $44.99 at Best Buy (save $15)
Those who prefer traditional side-scrolling Mario will be very pleased with this game. It's $15 less, too.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games 2020 | $34.99 at Best Buy (save $25)
You get two mascots for the price of one here; Sonic and co join the ride for some sporting shenanigans.

Yoshi's Crafted World | $39.99 at Walmart (save $20)
This follow-up to Yoshi's Island has a cute knitted style and charming levels. Perfect to chill out with.

As we mentioned above, this offer ends on March 14. Good sales aren't exclusive to Mario Day, though; we track them daily via our guide to cheap Nintendo Switch game sales

For some handy extras, don't forget to check out the best Nintendo Switch accessories. 

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