Marcus Nispel has a date with Friday The 13th

Hey, someone’s actually letting Marcus Nispel direct another film after Pathfinder? Wow… We suppose the sentences in director prison really are getting shorter and shorter these days.

But it’s true – and he can thank his old boss Michael Bay and the Platinum Dunes company for giving him the task of remaking Friday The 13th.

Long bobbing around in the development pot, Friday The 13th has been ladled on to the fast track thanks to the box office success of Halloween. Naturally, Damian Shannon and Mark Swift’s script rejiggers continuity, with Jason back at Camp Crystal Lake and slaughtering teens while wearing his iconic hockey mask, despite dying several times and appearing in 17,000 sequels.

There’s no word on a cast, or who will be behind the mask, but it should get started shooting either late next month or early next year. AS we write this, Robert Englund is busy dusting off his computer to start pimping ideas for Freddy Vs Jason Vs Leatherface Vs George Bush…