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Mad Max Archangels and hood ornaments guide

When you think Mad Max (opens in new tab), you think vehicles. What's better than racing across the Wasteland in your very own, personalized speedster? Mad Max offers plenty of ways to customize your ride with Archangels and hood ornaments, but tracking down all these accessories is a task - oh, what a lovely task!

Archangels can be built when you have the necessary pieces, and the good news is that you can view any prerequisites for unlocking parts in the Garage. You'll be able to view them all once you've completed The Jack as part of the story. Head here for the complete parts lists.

Hood ornaments are mostly decoration, but they do offer a stat boost. Pro tip: you only need to defeat the marked vehicle in each convoy to make dislodge the ornament. It'll be safer to pick it up if the rest of the pack is eliminated, but it's up to you. Head here for the full list.

Need help finding the game's other collectibles? See our Mad Max History Relic locations guide (opens in new tab) for more help.

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