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Mad Max History Relic locations guide

The world of Mad Max (opens in new tab) is populated with speeding cars, murderous psychos, and hard-to-find resources. It's not just food and water you'll want to track down, though - the Wasteland also houses some rare History Relics. These will help piece together the world before the sandy apocalypse.

These relics are found in various locations, but using your map is a good way to narrow down the search area. Large camps are easy to find via Vantage Outposts, but if you're having trouble finding Scavenging Locations, you can complete the Survey Crew projects at strongholds to reveal them on your map.

Table of Contents:

Chumbucket's Territory
Jeet's Territory
- Blackmaws
- Balefire Flatland
- Fuel Veins
- Dry Gustie
- Colossus
Gutgash's Territory
- Grit Canyons
- Parch Moon
- Reek Hills
- Cadavanaugh
- Chalkies
Pink Eye's Territory
- Knit Sack
- Wailing Wind
- Grandrise
- The Heights
- Rot 'N' Rusties
Deep Friah's Territory
- The Dump
- Gastown
The Dunes

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