A new Loki theory suggests Ke Huy Quan's OB could be hiding a big secret

Ke Huy Quan as Ouroboros in Loki
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Warning: Loki season 2 spoilers ahead!

A new Loki season 2 theory suggests that Ke Huy Quan's Ouroboros aka OB is hiding something big.

In season 2, Loki and Mobius set out to find Sylvie and stop He Who Remains aka Kang the Conqueror aka Victor Timely. Ouroboros, a master engineer/technician who lives beneath the TVA, joins the two on their journey – but there may be more than meets the eye.

"[Historically,] Ouroboros is the snake that eats its own tail. We have been told/shown that the sacred timeline is a closed loop," u/MrGrimme wrote. "At the beginning of season two we are at a point in that loop where He Who Remains is dead…but He Who Remains understood the loop, understood he would return. He has a plan. Each cycle around the loop, the workers in the TVA have their memories wiped, but OB remembers. He remembers Mobius. He WROTE the TVA handbook.

He Who Remains needs someone to usher the timeline from the point of his death to the point of his return. And while the most obvious candidate for that is Ravonna Renslayer. But based on the clues in season 2 episode 1, what if that someone is OB?"

The theory checks out, especially considering OB's long history with He Who Remains. OB was born within the Sacred Timeline as a human only to later become a Variant and be abducted by HWR – who suppressed his memories and took him to the TVA where he became the only designated employee of the Repairs and Advancement department. Since then, he's dedicated his entire life to the TVA – and knows the ins and outs better than anyone else. He, like the theory points out, also seems to be the only TVA employee who doesn't get his memory wiped. If an ouroboros symbolizes the snake eating itself in a closed loop and the Sacred Timeline itself is a closed loop...could OB hold the key to, well, everything? We'll just have to wait and see.

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