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Leviathan's Breath Destiny 2: How to get Leviathan's Breath the Exotic bow in Destiny 2

Leviathan's Breath Destiny 2 Make Bows, Not War
(Image credit: Bungie)

The Destiny 2 Leviathan's Breath is the first heavy bow in the game, and it definitely delivers on that fantasy. Its draw time is mighty slow - that string looks like the chain from a chainsaw, after all - and it can only hold 10 arrows, but those arrows deal big damage and create a huge knockback effect. This makes Leviathan's Breath incredibly fun to use, and you don't have to work too hard to get it. Here's how to get Leviathan's Breath in Destiny 2. 

1. How to find Banshee's workshop and start 'Make Bows, Not War'

Start the quest for Leviathan's Breath by talking to Banshee, the gunsmith in the Tower. He'll tell you to sniff out his workshop, which is located in the hangar section of the Tower. Head to the hangar, hang a right and take the scaffolding up to the top, then follow it around to the Future War Cult lobby. Look for another bit of scaffolding to the left which heads back to the heart of the Tower, then take the vents connected to it. Follow the GIF above if you get lost. 

Once you reach the workshop and retrieve the Exotic quest step "Make Bows, Not War," speak to Banshee again. He'll tell you to generate a new code to unlock his workshop display case. To do so, you'll need to complete Strikes, Gambit matches, Nightfall Strikes, or Gambit Prime matches. Each activity generates different amounts of data, but the fastest and easiest way to complete this step is to run two 950 Power Nightfall Strikes. If your Power isn't quite up to snuff for the 950 version, you could always run a few 920 Nightfalls, or just grind some Gambit Prime. 

2. How to Kill 100 Vex or Cabal

Once you generate the key, you'll need to kill 100 Vex or Cabal with bow headshots. There are two good ways to do this. Firstly, you can take a bow into the Vex Offensive, which is crawling with Vex to shoot. This will also let you double-dip on the bow kill Triumph for this activity. However, the wonky hit registration for Vex Goblin and Hobgoblin weak points can make it difficult to get precision kills. 

If you want the absolute fastest method for bow kills, load up the original Leviathan raid on Nessus and proceed to the Castellum. Look for the plate surrounded by Cabal and stand on it to trigger the encounter. Normal Cabal will spawn indefinitely, allowing you to rack up 100 kills with very little effort. 

3. How to complete the Arms Dealer Strike 

Now for the last step: a custom version of the Arms Dealer Strike. Load it up in the EDZ and proceed as normal - there's nothing special about the Strike apart from the final boss fight. Missiles will target you throughout the fight, and dunking the solar orbs to remove the boss's shield will trigger a stun effect. This makes the fight more annoying, but it's still pretty easy. Besides, you can bypass the whole thing by melting the boss as you ride the final elevator upward. 

Voila! Return to Banshee, follow the same path back to his workshop in the hangar, and claim your Leviathan's Breath. That wasn't too bad, was it? 

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