Lego Super Mario Luigi set details revealed, with Bowser on the way too

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The Luigi Lego set grows closer to launch and will introduce co-op and other ways to play.

Lego Super Mario was announced by Nintendo last year, and about a year later a Luigi set was confirmed. At the time, not much was known about the set, but now we've got a trailer and more details on the official pre-order page. The Adventures with Luigi Starter Course will also allow for a 2-player experience if the user has the Lego Super Mario figure.

Luigi is the obvious star of the Adventures with Luigi Starter Course, coming with his own expressions through an LCD screen and a built-in speaker. Luigi earns digital coins for completing the spinning seesaw and flying challenges and also for interacting with the included Pink Yoshi and defeating Boom Boom and Bone Goomba. There are also bricks that trigger different reactions from Luigi, with the question mark block containing a reward.

The Adventures with Luigi Starter Course comes with 280 pieces and will require Luigi to have 2 AAA batteries to make use of his color sensor, LCD screen, and speaker. Meanwhile, users can download the official Lego Super Mario app to see building instructions and creative tips as well as a safe social area for kids to share their ideas.

There will also be four expansion sets similar to Lego Super Mario's, with one being Bowser’s Airship, a set that introduces Bowser's flying ship along with Kamek, a Goomba, and a Rocky Wrench. The ship can be built in flying mode or built out in a course mode. Other expansions will be a Boss Sumo Bro Topple Tower, Lakitu Sky World, and Reznor Knockdown. Power-Up packs are also being introduced to include a Frog Mario and Bee Mario costume to dress Lego Super Mario up.

Lego Super Mario Adventures with Luigi Starter Course and Bowser's Airship are both available for pre-order from today and will launch on August 1. Curious to find out what we made of Lego Super Mario? Well, we described it as Super Mario Maker meets Labo, and you can read why here.

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