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Lego Super Mario expansions introduce Shy Guy, Chain Chomps, and Tanooki Mario

Lego Super Mario
(Image credit: LEGO)

Nintendo has unveiled additions to its Super Mario collaboration with Lego. In a tweet, the company showed off a whole bunch of new kits, including expansions, power-up packs, and new characters, all due to arrive next year.

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The biggest addition is the new Maker Set, which allows you to create some impressively sprawling levels, ranging from the verdant greens of the Mushroom Kingdom to the grey monoliths of Bowser's Castle. Standing in your way are a collection of classic Mario enemies, from the lowly Goomba to Larry Koopa. There's also a new pipe to change up your playstyle, which the trailer seems to suggest is some kind of time trial.

As well as the Maker Set, new expansions offer a way to add some specific set pieces to your setup, again featuring some classic obstacles to overcome. Chain Chomps, Piranha Plants and even a Wiggler show up in the expansions, and Mario has a unique way to defeat each one. There are also new power-up packs, putting Mario in his Penguin and iconic Tanooki suits. Finally, character packs add in a host of antagonists for you to overcome - I spotted what looks like a Thwimp, a Fly Guy, and a Poison Mushroom in the trailer, and that's definitely not an exhaustive list.

String all that together, and the trailer shows off a frankly enormous level to play through (even if it'll probably set you back a pretty penny). The Maker Set, Expansion Sets, Power-Up Packs and Character Packs all arrive on January 1, 2021 - perfect for if you're planning to give yourself a late Christmas present.

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