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Luigi is officially joining the Super Mario Lego Set

Lego Luigi set
(Image credit: Lego / Nintendo)

Lego Luigi will be joining the Super Mario Lego series on August 1, 2021.

After it was seemingly leaked earlier this week by Amazon China, Nintendo has officially announced the release of the Lego Luigi interactive character and Lego Luigi starter set. Rumors of this addition first started after one Lego Super Mario set fan noticed that their Lego Mario had begun calling out for their green brother Luigi after a “treasure hunt” firmware update.

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The Adventures With Luigi starter course comes with new obstacles for Luigi to overcome and things to interact with, including a new pink Yoshi which Luigi can “ride on” as well as a face off with one of Bowser’s henchmen Boom Boom. The character also features his own sounds and reactions. 

Considering that Lego Mario has already tried calling out to his brother prior to the new set’s release - it’s probably safe to assume that the two will be able to interact with each other when Luigi is finally released to the public this summer. This is just one of many elements of the Super Mario Lego collection, including the Lego Mario starter course, Piranha Plant Puzzling Challenge expansion set, Mario’s House & Yoshi expansion set, plus so many more.

Lego Luigi and his starter kit are available to pre-order on the official Lego website (opens in new tab) from today and will be available globally on August 1. 

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