Nintendo and Lego are teaming up for Lego Super Mario

Nintendo and Lego are teaming up to work on a Lego Super Mario project, according to brief Twitter teasers shared by the companies this morning. 

Nintendo, Nintendo Europe, and Lego all posted the same short video featuring what looks like a Lego-fied Mario figure. "Something fun is being built!" Nintendo teased. "Stay tuned." Lego, meanwhile, wrote: "It's-a me, Lego Mario!" 

This news has come during Mario Day, a celebration of the iconic plumber due to the date being March 10 (because, you know, Mar10 looks like Mario's name).  

It's still unclear what this Lego Super Mario actually is, but there are several possibilities. The figure in the teaser looks like a medium-sized Lego Mario with screens built into his eyes, mouth, and chest. This could be an Amiibo or, more likely, part of a new Lego play set. 

However, it's also possible that the teaser video is just showing off the Lego aesthetic of a new game of some kind. We've seen Lego Star Wars, Batman, Harry Potter and more games, so a Lego Mario game isn't too far-fetched, though Nintendo's not one to share its characters lightly. Still, after Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, an XCOM-style strategy game featuring Ubisoft's ugly-cute rabbit things, I wouldn't count anything out. On a smaller scale, perhaps something like Super Mario Maker 2 will receive an injection of Lego-themed content. 

Whatever Lego Super Mario is, it ought to be revealed soon. When Nintendo posts teasers like this, a full announcement is usually close behind. I wouldn't hold your breath for a dedicated Nintendo Direct, but it shouldn't be long before we get a proper reveal trailer. We'll keep you posted on all the blocky updates. 

In the meantime, here are the 10 best Lego games you can play right now. 

Austin Wood

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