Lego Mighty Bowser hits lowest price in months

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Big sets often have equally big price tags, so Lego Mighty Bowser dropping in price by £63 isn't an opportunity to sniff at whatsoever.

You can currently get the massive kit (which features on our list of the best Lego sets and is a contender for the best character model the company's done in a while if you ask me) for £166.51 at Amazon instead of £229.99. That's a saving of 28% and the cheapest Lego Mighty Bowser has been since late last year.

You can find this offer - and other offers - below.

Lego The Mighty Bowser | £229.99£166.51 at Amazon
Save £63 -

Lego The Mighty Bowser | £229.99 £166.51 at Amazon
Save £63 - This new-ish Lego kit hasn't been as cheap as it's now since December 2022, and although it was a lot cheaper then, that came hot off the heels of the Black Friday rush. Since the holiday season, it's struggled to drop below £170. In other words, this is your best chance to grab Mighty Bowser if you want it for less.

Should you buy Lego Mighty Bowser?

I built Lego Mighty Bowser at the end of last year, and came away very impressed by it. Although the instructions could have been a little clearer, it was still an easy-going process and took a lot less time - and stress - than I expected.

LEGO The Mighty Bowser closeup

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In addition, its interactive elements (a moving head and the ability to spit 'fire') is a delight that you don't often get with normally static figures such as this. It's one of the best Lego Super Mario sets as a result.

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Lego Mighty Bowser makes for one of the best gifts for gamers - and certainly a king amongst Nintendo Switch gifts - out there. It's almost as impressive in person as some Lego Star Wars sets, in fact.

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