Lego Marvel Super Heroes Gold Brick locations guide

Open World Bricks #21-40

Gold Brick #21

On the docks on the western edge of the city is a fisherman who'll tell you of some people stuck in the water. Use a telekinetic character to drop life preservers on them and earn a gold brick.

Gold Brick #22

A bit further north on the docks, you'll find this man behind a building. Turns out he's missing his wife. Follow the red studs to ultimately reach Times Square. She's behind the red bleachers. Lead her back to her husband to receive a brick.

Gold Brick #23

At the northern end of these buildings is a rooftop with security cameras. Four rooftops south of here is a switch that reveals a Gold Brick by the cameras. Use a cloaking character to pull the switch and traverse the platforms to the brick undetected.

Gold Brick #24

Just east of here is another vehicle race (next to the bank). Grab a vehicle, then speed through the checkpoints before time expires to earn another brick. And no, a bus is not recommended.

Gold Brick #25

Right near the previous race is a man whose money was just stolen. Hop into a vehicle and ram all four vans to pieces to earn a brick.

Gold Brick #26

Just north of him is another vehicle race. Use a vehicle to pass through the checkpoints in time and earn yourself a brick.

Gold Brick #27

About a block north, you'll find a man who needs coffee for his boss. Follow the red studs to find the coffee shop in West Harlem. Climb the fire escape, use a sensory character to detect the shield panel, then use Captain America to open the shop. Bust up the machine inside for the coffee, and return it to the man for a brick.

Gold Brick #28

North of the coffee guy is a shop closed up with a gold lock. Use a fire or laser-firing character to gain access and find the brick inside.

Gold Brick #29

West of here is another closed shop, but this one has electrical panels out front. Use an electricity-wielding character to open the door for another brick.

Gold Brick #30

Further west is the Roxxon Power Plant; the lady out front will tell you about some employees trapped there. You'll need a variety of abilities to escort all four employees from around the perimeter back, so use appropriate characters. You'll receive a brick for your work.

Gold Brick #31

There's another brick to grab atop one of the Roxxon Power Station towers. Head up there and hack the panel to reveal it.

Gold Brick #32

Back on the ground, you'll find a lady who just needs to cross the street. As she crosses, make sure to bust up any cars that get too close. Once she crosses, she'll give you a brick.

Gold Brick #33

A bit further north is a spotlight operator who needs help keeping a dancer lit. Hop in and keep the light trained on her to earn a brick.

Gold Brick #34

Now let's take a big jump to the Lower East Side, to the fast travel points near the secret Hydra Headquarters. This also happens to be the Empire State Building. On the roof is a woman whose boyfriend is late for their date. Ride the zipline the camera shows to find him by an AC unit. Use a telekinetic character to control him and guide him up the platforms to his girlfriend. You'll get a brick when he reaches her.

Gold Brick #35

Just a tad northwest is Times Square, where you'll find another vehicle race. Pass through the checkpoints in time to earn a brick.

Gold Brick #36

A little further east from the Empire State Building is Little Italy, where a restaurant owner needs a little help from a food critic. Follow the red studs to Times Square, where the critic (holding a baguette) stands near the golden statue. Escort him back to the restaurateur for a brick.

Gold Brick #37

Just northwest is a rooftop where you'll find several heavy switches and cracked panels. Step on all six switches (two are behind the cracked panels) to spawn a brick.

Gold Brick #38

On the neighboring rooftop are some RC cars. Use a panel to control one, then race through the checkpoints in time to spawn a brick. Be warned: the controls are rancid.

Gold Brick #39

On more building over, you'll find a vehicle race at ground level. Speed through the checkpoint before time expires for another brick.

Gold Brick #40

Just north of the last race is the F.E.A.S.T. building. The man out front is missing a carrot for his soup. Follow the red studs to chase down the thief, then beat him up to win back the carrot. Return it for a brick.

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