Lego Marvel Super Heroes Gold Brick locations guide

Stan Lee in Peril (Story)

Like Minikits, Stan Lee can be found in every level. He's always in some sort of trouble, and it takes a variety of characters and abilities to help him each time. We recommend gathering characters and replaying the level in Free Play to collect these. You'll get a Gold Brick for each one.

Sand Central Station

When you enter the station proper, fly up to the top left side. Stan is trapped under a crate up here. Bust it up to free him.

Times Square Off

After taking out Doctor Octopus atop the Daily Bugle, you'll be on more rooftops. Fly to the top of the first section to find a water tower, and use a missile-firing character to blow up the silver vents nearby. This creates some parts that you can assemble into a water valve. Do so, then use a telekinetic character to spin the valve and free Stan from within the water tower.

Exploratory Laboratory

When you reach this hallway of stasis tanks, use a magnetic character on the box immediately to your left to reveal a claw switch. Activate this to free Stan.

Rock Up at the Lock Up

In the very first section, look for this grate on an upper ledge. Slip through with Mr. Fantastic to find Stan trapped on the other side. To free him, use a sensory character to detect web handles, then yank them away.

Rebooted, Resuited

When ride the elevator up from the first room, you can spot a sandpit right by the door. Use Sandman on it to rescube Stan from the wall.

Red Head Detention

When you head through the tunnel into the massive open room, look electric machine in the top left corner. Use missiles to destroy the dual generators and free Stan.

Bifrosty Reception

When you arrive in Asgard, look to the north end of the first chamber. Use missiles to destroy the silver piece here, freeing Stan from under it.

Juggernauts and Crosses

When you get outside, dowse the flames on this burning shed. Use telekinetic to put the newly freed pieces into place, then use a big character to lift the shed away. Underneath are some loose parts you can use to construct a trampoline, allowing Stan to jump down to freedom.

Doctor in the House

When you reach the part of the castle roof where you have to rescue Nick Fury and Human Torch, head to the rightmost parapet. Use Spider-Man or Wolverine on the sensory spot here to reveal a web handle. Use it to pull this cannon into an upright position. Next, fire or laser or fire blast at the gold plate to launch Stan out of the cannon and out of danger.

That Sinking Feeling

Right at the start of the level, dowse the flames near the gold wall. Cut through the gold with a laser or fire-blasting character, then fly or climb up the sensory wall. In this little passage you'll find Stan under a magnetic piece. Use a magnetic character to lift it and free him.

Taking Liberties

After riding the elevator from the first floor, fly over the gap in the next room to this small platform. Bust up the small tank pinning Stan down to free him.

Rapturous Rise

After passing through the broken plane in the second area, you'll find Stan surrounded by flames. Dowse these to rescue him.

Magnetic Personality

When you reach the room with the rotating bridge, look to the ceiling. Fire a missile at the big shiny piece to drop Stan into the room.

A Doom with a View

During the fight against Doctor Doom, look for the claw switch on the right side of the room. Activate it to release some loose parts that can be built into a console. Do this, then activate the console to teleport Stan into the room from outside.

The Good, the Bad, and the Hungry

When the plane crashes in the last leg of the fight, there's a crashed plane by Galactus. The pilot of that plane? One Stan Lee. Use Sandman on the sandy spot by the plane to free Stan for the last time in the story missions.

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