Lego Marvel Super Heroes Gold Brick locations guide

Open World Bricks #81-100

Gold Brick #81

On a rooftop south of the Hellfire Club (just north of Queensboro Bridge) is another series of tiny tunnels. Use Ant-Man to shrink down and enter, then hit the switches inside until you reveal the Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #82

Drop to street level and move just northeast. In this little garden area, slash away the plant atop the dirt mound, then use a clawed character to dig up a stud trail. Follow it through a few more dig spots and stud trails until you dig up a Gold Brick. (The last spot is found by destroying a dumpster.)

Gold Brick #83

Along the eastern boardwalk, you'll find this lady whose purse was stolen. Chase him down and beat him up to retrieve the purse, then return it for a brick.

Gold Brick #84

Just northwest of the purse lady is this locked storefront. On the other side is a crate above a grate. Smash it, then use Mr. Fantastic to slip through and reach the store interior where the Gold Brick lies.

Gold Brick #85

Back on the boardwalk, you can find this guy near Empire State University. He wants to become a superhero, but needs some help fighting some baddies. Take out the hazmat suit-wearing thugs with him to earn a brick.

Gold Brick #86

On the other side of the university, you'll find a lady missing a friend. Follow the red studs to find her friend at the fountain in the Reptile House. Escort her back to the university for a brick.

Gold Brick #87

West of the university, you'll find this lady who needs help getting up the fire escape. It takes a variety of abilities to lower all the ladders, then you need to use a telekinetic character to guide the lady up to her window. Once this is done, you'll receive a Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #88

Head north into Yorkville. Down a narrow alley here are two silver fans. Destroy them to reach a Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #89

In the road near the alley is another vehicle race. Drive through the checkpoints within the time limit to earn another brick.

Gold Brick #90

Also nearby is a man in need of an escort. Go with him to the university, taking out any Symbiote scientists that show up along the way. When you reach your destination, you'll receive a Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #91

In the northeast corner of the area is the Raft Ferry Port. The sailor here needs you to take out some stolen boats. Use a flying character with ranged weapons (preferably Iron Man) to do the job and earn a brick.

Gold Brick #92

From the port, head west in East Harlem. Enter the car garage interior and head up to the third floor. Hit the shield switch with Captain America to deactivate a laser gate on a lower level. Head down there and bash the dumpster inside the newly deactivated gate to find a brick.

Gold Brick #93

Now head to the roof of the car garage to find several red cars. Take one out, and timer starts. Quickly destroy every red car to reveal a brick.

Gold Brick #94

Just north of the garage is man by a pile of tires. These tires are constantly catching afire thanks to Pyro, so use Iceman to put them out and take Pyro down too. After this, you'll receive another brick.

Gold Brick #95

Just west of the tire pile is a heavy switch. Step on it, then quickly run around the bend to grab the Gold Brick that appears - it gets locked back away very quickly.

Gold Brick #96

Directly south is a locked storefront. Use a cloaking character to reach the roof, where a switch is guarded by cameras. Pull it to open the store and expose a brick.

Gold Brick #97

Just to the west, you'll find a race ring atop a gas station. Use a flying character to pass through each ring before time runs out, and you'll earn a brick.

Gold Brick #98

Just a bit further west is a gold door. Get through with a fire or laser-based character, then activate the claw switch inside to spawn a brick on the roof.

Gold Brick #99

To the south is another vehicle race in a roundabout. Grab a car, and drive through the checkpoints in time to earn a brick.

Gold Brick #100

Just north of the circle is a policeman in need of help with some thugs. Help him beat them up to earn another brick.

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