Lego Marvel Super Heroes Gold Brick locations guide

Open World Bricks #101-120

Gold Brick #101

To the west is the Industrial District. Here, you can find a pair of laser gates by a tunnel. Walk through the fencing to the left and slip through the grate with Mr. Fantastic. Pull the switch on the other side to kill the lasers, letting you reach a Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #102

Further west, you can fly atop a brick building to find an Asgardian in need of some Earth clothing. Follow the red studs to a clothing shop, which is closed via two electrical panels. The first is above the door; the second on the roof to the right of the door. Activate both to enter the shop, then grab the hat off of the dummy. Return it to the Asgardian for a brick.

Gold Brick #103

Just northeast of the Asgardian is this storage unit. Look for a small pit south of it where a clawed character can dig up some dirt. This reveals a sand spot; use Sandman to travel through it and snatch the brick on the other side.

Gold Brick #104

North of here is a policeman by a tree. Help him beat up some escaped prisoners to earn a brick.

Gold Brick #105

Head into the basketball court just east of the policeman. Use a big character to throw the giant basketballs into both hoops and score a Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #106

Further east you'll find a footrace by some blue acrobatic walls. Wall jump up through the checkpoints to win, or simply fly up with a flying character to claim your prize.

Gold Brick #107

On the other side of the same row of houses is a woman who has lost her cat. Follow the red studs to find the cat in an alleyway, then lead it back home for a brick.

Gold Brick #108

This mission only appears after completing Gold Brick #107. The nice lady has lost her cat in the center of the city this time. Follow the red studs to find it by a row of stores, then return it to its owner for another brick.

Gold Brick #109

Further east, you can find this brick building with three electrical panels: one on the roof, one on the side, and one down by the water. Activate all three with an electric character to spawn a Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #110

To the northwest is a brick building with several fires. Use Iceman to put them out, and rescue the civilians along the walls and roof to earn a brick.

Gold Brick #111

Just west of the brick building is a woman who needs to get to Grand Central Station. Grab a vehicle and get her there to earn another brick.

Gold Brick #112

Head north from the previous brick-giver into Inwood. Head up the hill to the southwest billboard, where you'll see panel on its back. Hack this to spawn a Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #113

Near the billboard is a vehicle race. Hop in one and race through the checkpoints within the time limit to score another brick.

Gold Brick #114

Head north to the X-Mansion lawn. In the western hedges is silver statue; destroy it to reveal a brick.

Gold Brick #115

In an alcove near the X-Mansion door is a dumpster. Destroy the dumpster and the panel above it, then use a magnetic character to pull the switch and reveal a Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #116

On the roof of the X-Mansion is a flying race. Use a flying character to make it through the checkpoints in time and win a brick.

Gold Brick #117

On the trail west of the X-Mansion, you'll find a woman missing her dog's squeaky toy. Use a sensory character to discover a dirt mound, then dig it up to create a stud trail. Follow the series of studs and dirt mounds until you uncover the toy, then return it for a brick.

Gold Brick #118

At the northern edge of the map is a greenhouse containing a brick. To get inside, bust up the plants on the nearby beach until you discover a sand mound. Move through it with Sandman to reach the greenhouse interior.

Gold Brick #119

Now we'll head to the Raft. Head up to the helipad to find a man who needs help repairing said helipad. Use a telekinetic character to rearrange the tiles into an "H" shape and receive a brick.

Gold Brick #120

Finally, head to Fisk Tower with flying character. Now fly up and out into the open space above the ocean. Way up here is a well hidden flying race. Fly through the checkpoints in time to finish the last race challenge and earn a final Gold Brick.

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