Lego Marvel Super Heroes Gold Brick locations guide

Stan Lee in Peril (Bonus)

Just like the story levels, the bonus levels (minus "The Brick Apple") each have a Stan Lee to rescue too. Again, we recommend going back via Free Play to collect these and earn the corresponding Gold Bricks.

A Shock Withdrawal: When you open the vault, you'll find Stan trapped inside. Use a magnetic character to free Stan from his cage.

Feeling Fisky: You can’t see him, but Stan is trapped in the fireplace. Dowse the flames to free him.

Thrill of the Chess: Stan is locked in a jail cell on the lower level of the cell block. Use an electric character on the electrical panel nearby to free him.

Put Up Your Dukes: A dumbbell is pinning Stand down by the treadmill. Use a magnetic character to lift it off of him.

Tabloid Tidy Up: Stan is stuck in a dirt mound in the right side of the room. Use a clawed character to dig him out.

Stunt Show Surprise: There's a sensory spot on the right side of the room. Use Wolverine or Spider-Man on it to reveal web handles, then use a web-slinging character to reveal a gold wall. Cut through this with fire or a laser to generate some loose bricks. Build these into a top hat, then use a telekinetic character to shake Stan loose from it.

Reptilian Ruckus: In the last stage of the fight, you can spot Stan caught by a Venus fly trap. Use a clawed character on the dig spot nearby to dig up some loose pieces. Build these into a Fantastic Four pad, then use Mr. Fantastic to free Stan from the plant's hold.

Bro-tunheim: There's a metal sheet covering a cave opening on the right side of the lower level. Use a magnetic character to bust it up and free Stan from the other side.

Nuff Said: In the back of the main room is a metal handle. Pull it with a magnetic character to free Stan from the other side.

House Party Protocol: Head to the far right side of Tony Stark's dance room to find Stan trapped behind gold jail bars. Use a fire or laser blast to free him.

Stranger Danger: When you chase Dormammu from the bathroom, a sensory spot appears under the light. Use Wolverine or Spider-Man to reveal some web handles, then yank these down with a web-slinging character. Fly up into the hole this makes to find a coffin locked with silver. Use a missile to blow this away and free Stan from inside.

Stan Lee in Peril (New York City)

Believe it or not, Stan Lee couldn't be easier to find throughout New York City. His face appears as an icon on the map each time he gets into trouble. Simply follow along with this outline to free him each time, and you'll get a good brick for every rescue.

Note: There are 24 total Stan Lee in Peril moments in the open world, but the first happens by default when you enter the level "Juggernauts and Crosses."

#1 - Marvel H.Q.: Use a telekinetic character to control the man on the other side of the door. Have him pull the handle to open the door and free Stan.

#2 - Central Park: Stan is buried under chess pieces. Use a sensory character to spawn a web handle, then yank it away to free him.

#3 - Industrial District: Stan has become Stan Hulk. Use a big character to beat him back to normal.

#4 - Inwood: Stan is caught on a spasming fire hose. Use a heat or laser blast on the frozen claw switch nearby, then use a clawed character to activate it and free Stan.

#5 - Yorkville: Stan is hanging out on a rooftop…under a dangling piece of rubble. Fly atop the crane and activate the claw switch there to move the rubble away from over Stan's head.

#6 - Empire State Building: A gorilla is dangling Stan over the building's edge. Hit it a few times to free him.

#7 - S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier: Stan is being held by a drone. Shoot it a few times to free hm.

#8 - Central Park Circus: Stan got himself stuck in the sandpit. Take out the Sandman goons and use a clawed character to dig him out.

#9 - Industrial District: Stan is trapped inside a cracked panel on a smokestack. Use Thor's hammer to free him.

#10 - Central Park: Stan is stuck in the lake. Use a magnetic character to guide the nearby life preserver to him.

#11 - Financial District: Stan is stuck in a taxi atop some bushes. Destroy them to rescue him.

#12 - Fogwell's Gym: A giant dumbbell is weighing Stan down. Use a big character to get ride of it.

#13 - Financial District: In a classic gag, Stan is tied to the train tracks. Use a magnetic character to free him of his bonds.

#14 - Upper East Side: Sharks are surrounding Stan in the water by the Upper East Side pier. Take them out with ranged attacks to save him.

#15 - The Raft: Stan is trapped behind another cracked wall. Smash through to free him.

#16 - Inwood: On the hill near the billboard, Stan is surrounded by flames. Dowse them to save him.

#17 - Circus: Stan is in the sandpit again, but this time he's pinned down by a clown car. Use a web-slinging character to grab the handle on the car and pull it off of him.

#18 - Financial District: Stan's head is caught in a mailbox. Destroy it to free him.

#19 - Liberty Island: Stan is atop the Statue of Liberty's torch, surrounded by flames. Dowse them to save him.

#20 - Upper West Side: Sandman Goons are beating up Stan at a construction site. Take them out to rescue him.

#21 - Roxxon Power Station: Stan is being electrocuted in front of the plant (ouch). Pull the lever above him to save him.

#22 - Circus: Stan is hanging from a balloon above the big top. Shoot it down to drop him to safety.

#23 - Deadpool's Room: A crate is pinning down Stan. Destroy it to free him.

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