Lego Animal Crossing is real (and adorable)

Lego Animal Crossing characters stand in front of a Lego forest
(Image credit: Nintendo)

It looks like the whispers were true, because Lego Animal Crossing sets have been officially announced after they were rumored back in August

Following reports that five kits based on the Nintendo life sim were heading our way for March 2024, Nintendo's social accounts sent out a tweet welcoming fans to a bricky version of the series. Although that doesn't include release date info, pricing, or even the specific Lego Animal Crossing sets we'd be getting, it did show off minifigures. To be precise, we got our first glimpse of Lego Tom Nook, Isabelle, Kapp'n, and a few villagers like Rosie the cat. (She's joined in the teaser by Bunnie, Marshall, Fauna, and Julian.) 

The jury's still out on whether a certain sophisticated cat - that people used to pay hundreds for in the video game, if you can believe it - will join them. And frankly, we're not ready for what an Animal Crossing Lego Raymond minifigure would do to fans.

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Anyway. Alongside the characters, Animal Crossing's iconic trees (complete with multiple types of fruit, ranging from cherries to oranges) and that geometric grass pattern can be seen as well. This would suggest they'll appear in at least one kit.

No matter what, we won't have to wait long. With teases like this, a full reveal usually follows within 24 hours. As such, keep an eye on the official Lego store for updates over the next day or so.

With any luck, these will be the first of many sets based on the beloved series. And if you've been following Lego in any capacity for the past few years, you'll know that's a possibility. After all, this isn't the first Nintendo franchise to be transformed into a toy range - Super Mario and co have received their own kits, after all (some of which qualify for inclusion on our list of the best Lego sets). Donkey Kong and his extended family have also joined in, so it looks like the deal between Nintendo and Lego isn't souring any time soon.

Naturally, the question now is whether those long-rumored Zelda kits will turn out to be real too... Fingers crossed.

It's all gearing up to sales season at the moment, and you can check out the latest offers via our guide to Prime Day Lego deals.

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