I'm not ready for what an Animal Crossing Lego Raymond minifigure would do to fans

Animal Crossing Raymond
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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Lego has officially been announced, and fans are already joking (I hope) about what chaos a Raymond minifigure would cause. 

On October 5, Nintendo announced that Lego Animal Crossing is real with an adorable teaser trailer. The announcement didn't confirm what sets were available or even when they'd be released, but it did tease what characters are likely to be included, like Rosie, Marshall, Julian, Kapp'n, Tom Nook, Isabelle, and more. There's one character that everyone is anticipating though, and he caused quite the stir shortly after New Horizons' launch in 2020. 

If you don't remember, Raymond, a grey and very sophisticated cat, was a highly desired islander with some people charging hundreds of real-life dollars in exchange for the virtual cat. Things got really surreal at one point as some Animal Crossing players were charging other players just to look at Raymond - that's right, look at him. You weren't allowed to speak to him in case it encouraged him to leave their island. It was a wild time.

Considering the popularity of Raymond, I'm surprised Nintendo/Lego didn't include the business cat in its lineup. Regardless of the fact that Raymond hasn't even been teased yet, Animal Crossing fans have already begun making jokes about how in demand he'll inevitably end up being if Lego did decide to release a minifigure of the character.

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"New Lego Animal Crossing... do you guys think Lego Raymond will go for a fortune on sites like Brickeconomy?" one user said in response to Nintendo's announcement. A different Twitter user has shared their excitement for the Lego collaboration whilst also warning fellow fans about the potential of a "black market for Animal Crossing Raymond Lego" following its release. 

Raymond aside, Animal Crossing fans have also begun sharing their hopes and dreams for the Animal Crossing Lego line. A lot of fans are hoping for the basics like Nook's Cranny or the Resident Services building, while others are asking for specific villagers. I've already seen requests for Zucker, Kidd, Ankha, plus so many others. Personally, I'd be happy with a Resetti minifigure, but I might be alone on that one. 

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