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Kevin Costner could be joining new Superman

kevin costner

Kevin Costner could be about to sign up to Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot.

Deadline report that Costner, whose lacklustre output of late has included Rumour Has It and The New Daughter , is in talks for a “key role” in the film.

Assuming that Lex Luthor’s either out of the picture, or going to a younger actor, that generally leaves Daily Planet editor Perry White, Clark Kent’s father or Superman’s pa Jor-El.

Realistically, we imagine it’ll be Pa Kent that gets thrown Costner’s way – while replacing Frank Langella as Superman Returns ’ Perry White will be no mean feat.

Igorning Costner's more recent output, it's easy to forget that the actor was once a big Hollywood draw.

His Dances With Wolves still stands up as a fair achievement, while JFK and The Untouchables are both stellar. Costner's definitely due a comeback - given the right material, he could be great again.

Currently the only cast member officially signed to Snyder’s Superman is Henry Cavill as the titular hero.

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