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Juventus vs Napoli live stream: watch the Coppa Italia final online tonight with these options

Coppa Italia live stream watch Juventus vs Napoli online

It's time to get yourself ready to watch Juventus vs Napoli online wherever you are in the world with our guide on how to catch a Coppa Italia live stream for tonight's final.  Will Juve take home the trophy for the fourth time in five years or will Napoli cause an upset? We're less than an hour away from kick-off now, but there's still time to get everything ready.

For many years, the Coppa Italia was seen in Italy as something of an unimportant cup, with most of the bigger teams favoring European or Serie A matches instead and almost reluctantly winning it (think of it like the League Cup in England). That vital Europa League place offered to the winner has seen more teams take it seriously seeing as league positions inside the top six in Italy have been far from assured in recent times.

Just ask Napoli: for the last few years, they've been the only team to give Juventus a challenge in the league - although in all honesty the Bianconeri usually end up finishing them off with weeks to spare. That's not quite the case this year though with Napoli currently in sixth and just about holding onto the last spot for a Europa League slot. Win the game tonight and they're assured of a place. Lose to Juventus, and given Juve will almost certainly be finishing in the top six anyways, then Serie A's seventh-placed team at the end of the season will go into an early qualifying round for the Europa League. Make no doubt about it, this is Napoli's most important game of what's turned out to be a poor domestic season for them.

Last year aside, where Lazio won, Juventus have won every Coppa Italia since 2015. Add those trophies to Juve's current run of eight Serie A Scudetto titles in a row and it's clear The Old Lady of Italian football are clear favorites against a team that hasn't won any silverware since 2014 with the Coppa Italia and no league titles since 1990.

Unlike most of the recent Coppa Italia finals, we think this is a much more open game though. Juventus are currently top of Serie A, but only by a few points and have dropped way more points than usual after this many games and their restart to the season saw them just about push past AC Milan in the semis a few days ago. Ronaldo's form has been hit and miss all season and he wasted a penalty against Milan, but as we've seen over the years, if anyone can turn it on for a final it's this guy. Napoli know their season has gone to hell (they are having a decent Champions League run though), but the incentive to get the year back on track and ruin Ronaldo's party is more than they need to cause an upset. Catching a Juventus vs Napoli  live steam is a great idea tonight, folks.

Watch Coppa Italia free from anywhere with a VPN

Want to live stream the Coppa Italia final and watch Juventus vs Napoli online for nothing? Well, if you're in Italy, that's not a problem as the match will be shown on RAI Play. 

Rai Play apps are available on Android, iOS and Apple TV too, but if you're outside of Italy, that's where you'll need a VPN to get your device's location to pretend it's in Italy too. Do remember though, that the commentary is going to be in Italian - we've got English language options for you further down the page though too of course. But if this route sounds like a winner, you can save 49% with this offer at Express VPN (opens in new tab) if you don't already have a VPN ready.

How to get a Coppa Italia Live Stream in the USA

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ESPN or ESPN Plus is your best bet to catch today's game from Italy with US commentary. You're only looking at a $5 monthly fee with a cancel anytime rolling contract. Tune in from 2:45pm ET or 11:45am PT.

If you've been thinking about joining cordcutters the world over though with a more substantial monthly package without the long-term cable contracts then you'll find ESPN is included with two of our favorite deals. Check out the range of options on both Sling TV's Orange bundle (opens in new tab) or maybe the Hulu and Live TV deal (opens in new tab).

Watch Juventus vs Napoli online in the UK

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If you've been watching Italian footy already this season, you'll still find BT Sport is your best option in the UK to live stream Juventus vs Napoli. If you're looking to change your broadband provider and get a nice new bundle of TV channels. Then there are multiple options available at the BT site (opens in new tab).

But if you only want something short term, without the broadband and long contract, then you'll be delighted to know BT Sport is available on a one-month rolling contract deal too at just £25 per month (opens in new tab). Tune in at 8pm tonight.

Live Stream Juventus vs Napoli from anywhere else

Ok, let's wrap up elsewhere. If you're in Canada, a subscription to FloFC at $12.49 per month sets you up for the game. Or you might be extra lucky and can enjoy with your existing cable package if you have the Rai Italia Nord channel. Get ready to watch the Coppa Itali online from 3pm ET and 12pm PT.

Living in Australia? You'll find it on the RAI channel if that's part of your setup, otherwise, Kayo Sports (opens in new tab) is your other best local option. 5am kickoff though on June 18!

But if your local options are a bit pricey or you don't fancy getting stuck into a lengthy contract, we'd say picking up a VPN is your best option.

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ExpressVPN | From $6.67 / £5.50 per month (opens in new tab)
These handy systems are a 'Virtual Private Network' and enable you to appear online as if you are somewhere else. This method gives you a way around any geographical restrictions and so can let you access your usual services, or ones from abroad even you might be away from them. We'd argue that ExpressVPN (opens in new tab) is the best VPN (opens in new tab) and easiest one to go with and is perfect for a Coppa Italia Final live stream.

There are three simple steps to follow:

1: Get a VPN installed. There are plenty of options, but we'd point you in the direction of ExpressVPN. There's even an offer on right now where you can get an additional three months FREE on a 12-month package and save 49% (opens in new tab). Happily, ExpressVPN is also compatible with pretty much every device you can think of too.

2: Connect to an appropriate server. Select a server located in the country of any of the options mentioned earlier that you want to use (Italy or USA have the best options today) and you'll be in and away. And if there's any sniff of an issue, Express's handy 24/7 live chat customer support can come to your rescue.

3: Head over to the service you want. Here you can shop as normal and once you set your location, visit the service you're interested in and sign up as normal or log in, and start watching!

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