Jensen Ackles fought "pretty hard" to be Soldier Boy in The Boys

The Boys
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Jensen Ackles has recalled being cast as Soldier Boy in The Boys season 3 – and it wasn't a straightforward process. 

Speaking to Discussing Film, Ackles revealed that his role in the show came about after a conversation with showrunner Eric Kripke; who also created Supernatural, which Ackles starred in for 15 years. 

"So the next day, he sent over an audition scene for Soldier Boy and said, 'Take a read and tell me what you think,'" Ackles explained. "I read it and immediately called him and was like, 'Who do I have to kill to get this role?' He said, 'I'm going to warn you, this isn't going to be easy.' Apparently, there was a shortlist of names they were talking about at the studio. I certainly wasn't on that list, and it consisted of names that were far more recognizable than mine. But I said that I was willing to fight, and he said, 'If you're willing to fight for it, then I might be able to help you.' And so he did."

The audition also involved Ackles putting his Butcher impression to the test. "I had to put myself on tape, this was during peak COVID, so I didn't really have help in doing so," he continued. "I had to pre-record the other person's lines, which happened to be Butcher. So I had to do my best Butcher impression and then I would play those lines back and finally, I would give the Soldier Boy performance. Luckily, I had Kripke coaching me and he was able to put the best tape forward that I could muster. He sent it up the ladder, got all the checkmarks, and that's how it happened. But I fought for it, man. I fought for it pretty hard." 

The Boys season 4 doesn't yet have a release date, and it's also unknown if Ackles will be back as Soldier Boy. Another Supernatural alum has joined the cast for the fourth installment, though, with Jeffrey Dean Morgan part of the season 4 line-up

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