I've relied on this gaming headset for years - now it's down to $69

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I picked up a Razer Barracuda X gaming headset for the first time back in 2021, and it's had a permanent spot in my roster since then (barring a quick upgrade to the 2022 version). After spending hours tinkering with EQ settings, connections, and profiles and presets for all the best gaming headsets that get released into the wild, I love going back to the simple no-fuss approach taken by the Barracuda. It's comfortable, sounds great, holds its battery well, and can connect to a wide range of platforms - it's also at a record low price right now. 

Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy currently have the latest 2022 version of the Razer Barracuda X down to just $69.99 (was $99.99). That's a $30 discount on an already well-priced device (I rarely see wireless gaming headsets this good at under $100 anyway). It's also the cheapest these cups have been, returning to a record discount for the first time this year and a position we've only seen a couple of times over Black Friday last year. All of that's to say it's a fantastic gaming headset going at a truly excellent price right now. 

Wireless headsets generally start at around the $130 mark, though there are other budget options from SteelSeries that occupy a similar price point to the Barracuda X. Picking up a Razer device with this level of quality for under $70 is a steal. 

Razer Barracuda X (2022) | $99.99 $69.99 at Walmart
Save $30 -

Razer Barracuda X (2022) | $99.99 $69.99 at Walmart
Save $30 - The Razer Barracuda X has dropped back to a record low price we've only ever seen in holiday sales before today. At $69.99, this simple plug and play headset  is looking particularly strong - especially considering it was already well priced in the first place. 

Buy it if: 

You want a headset for Switch, PS5, PC, and mobile
You also want a set of regular headphones
You don't want extra faff to configure before use

Don't buy it if: 

You mostly play on Xbox
You want finer control over EQ settings

Price Check: Amazon: $69.99 | Best Buy: $69.99

Should you buy the Razer Barracuda X?

Razer Barracuda X gaming headset with Nintendo Switch

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The 2022 Razer Barracuda X has been my top pick for the best Nintendo Switch headset for some time now, but it's also an excellent buy for anyone playing over PlayStation and PC. You're covered with both a USB-C 2.4GHz connection for PS5, PC, and Nintendo Switch (handheld) and Bluetooth for your mobile devices, docked Switch, and various handheld PC options. However, anyone looking to get some Xbox game time in with this is going to have a problem on their hands. There is a wired connection option which will get you by in a pinch, but it's not powered - and I find that the audio quality suffers significantly for it. 

Still, if you're looking for a wireless headset for every other platform, and you still want some neat extra features baked in you're not going to find a better price out there at the moment. Dual-Bluetooth, Razer app compatibility (though not full Synapse control), a solid microphone, and long-lasting comfort doesn't often come this cheap and if I had $70 to spend on a new gaming headset this week I'd be putting it here in a heartbeat. 

You're not going to get the audio quality of something like the Astro A50 X or SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless, two top headsets in my regular rotation. However, I've had the Barracuda X hooked up to my Nintendo Switch for years now and it's a travel necessity by now. I've never been disappointed by its value proposition, even after testing far more expensive headsets for weeks at a time. It stands up well against the slightly pricier options I've had my hands on as well, offering more flexible useability than the Sony Inzone H5 (MSRP $149.99) and more features than the SteelSeries Arctis Nova 4 (MSRP $119.99). 

There is one headset that could out-do the Barracuda X in this price range, and that's the Razer BlackShark V2 Hyperspeed. It's built around the same high-end drivers and microphone as the luxury BlackShark V2 Pro, but with cheaper build materials bringing the MSRP down to $129.99. You are getting better sound quality and a wider range if you can stretch to a three figure price tag, however it's still worth noting that the BlackShark is nearly double the price of the Barracuda X with today's discounts. 

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