Ironheart action figure suggests surprising Captain America connection in Wakanda Forever

Marvel Legends Deluxe Ironheart action figure promo closeup
(Image credit: Hasbro)

Hasbro's new Ironheart action figure gives us a clearer look at the suit used by Iron Man's spiritual successor in Wakanda Forever, and it also provides a better idea of what she's doing in the film's plot.

Following on from the emotional new Wakanda Forever trailer that first teased the character in flight, this Marvel Legends Series Deluxe Ironheart action figure (which is available to pre-order now for $33.99 via Entertainment Earth or Hasbro Pulse, though we'd recommend the former as it comes with free US shipping) provides our best glimpse of Riri Williams' armor and how it might work. Namely, it features what would appear to be a modified version of the dual Wakandan shields Captain America uses during Infinity War. Also included is a bulky railgun and sizeable back-mounted boosters, presumably offering greater power and/or to demonstrate that her designs are slightly less refined than Tony's at this early stage of her career. 

Marvel Legends Deluxe Ironheart action figure without her helmet, wielding two Wakandan shields

(Image credit: Hasbro)

We we also know more about why she's involved with Wakanda Forever now - the Hasbro listing describes her as a "brilliant MIT student with a passion for engineering" before going on to say that her life "takes an unexpected turn when a school project brings the Wakandans and a dangerous foe to her doorstep". It would appear that her work on the Ironheart armor - or something connected to it - turns her into a lightning rod for the Wakandan/Atlantean conflict.

Either way, the suit depicted in this Marvel Legends toy is probably one Riri makes while in Wakanda (as seen during the original movie teaser), because a more rudimentary version was unveiled via a Funko POP toy earlier this year.

For more on the upcoming Marvel flick, see our guide to Black Panther and Namor explained and check out our thoughts on who could be the next Black Panther. As for that Ironheart action figure, we've listed the best pre-order offer below.


Marvel Legends Deluxe Ironheart | $33.99 at Entertainment Earth
Available November 2022 - Although you can pre-order this action figure direct from Hasbro, we'd actually suggest opting for this Entertainment Earth offer instead. Despite being the same price, you'll pay shipping costs with Hasbro while Entertainment Earth provides free delivery within the US (for a limited time, at least).

It's been a busy week for Hasbro; along with Hasbro Pulse Con 2022 (which featured everything from Marvel to a G.I. Joe addition to the best Nerf guns), we also got some scarily accurate Star Wars Andor action figures.  

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