Yes, Across the Spider-Verse’s villain *is* in the first movie

Across the Spider-Verse
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Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse villain The Spot arrives in the animated sequel like a force of nature. But, as the movie heavily alludes to, we’ve actually seen him before in 2018’s Into the Spider-Verse. Here’s why you might remember that bagel incident – and where to find him.

Spoilers for Across the Spider-Verse follow.

The first act of the 2023 Spider-Verse follow-up eventually sees Miles corner The Spot in New York. Far from being a villain of the week, The Spot reveals he actually has a personal beef with Spidey.

Remember Miles and Peter B. Parker’s raid on Alchemax? The Spot was there as his then-human form of Jonathan Ohnn. He chases down the pair, before being hit in the head with a bagel. As if his life couldn’t get any worse, Miles later helped blow up the multiverse collider in the movie’s final act – while Ohnn was still in the blast radius. Supervillain, meet origin.

Head on back to Into the Spider-Verse and you’ll see that this isn’t a jokey aside; his character is actually in the movie – at 50:10 to be precise. That’s the cleanest bagel headshot we’ve ever seen and, yeah, we’d hold a grudge across all of time and space if that happened to us too.

If you don’t have a copy handy, you can see the moment again here – thanks to one intrepid Twitter user.

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