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How long to beat Death Stranding? Well, how far do you want to walk?

How long is death stranding length time to complete how long to beat
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If you're asking how long to beat Death Stranding then you're probably wondering how much walking there really is. Bad news: there's a lot. Good news: you can at least do less if you want to finish Death Stranding faster. 

How long does it take to complete Death Stranding? 

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Realistically, you're looking at around 35-40 hours to finish Death Stranding if you power through the story. That means just sticking to the main mission stuff highlighted on your map and not getting sidetracked into exploring or taking on any deliveries that aren't critical to the story. 

The good news is that the game will give you all the stuff you need on the critical path, with the side mission bits mainly offering upgrades and extra cosmetic bits. Realistically this is the best way to play as well because as you'll get more of the story closer together and everything flows much more coherently. 

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One important thing you need to do is clear the first couple of chapters as soon as humanly possible. It's easy to spend 40 hours alone in the first three chapters as they can be a time sucking slog and there are 14 chapters in total, not counting the post game. 

However, if you want to go full Porter you can easily spend 60, 70 plus hours five-staring your relationships with all the people you can deliver to, as well as finding and connecting everyone to the chiral network. Remember, though, all you'll get from this is cosmetic upgrades a few backpack charms and bragging rights/the knowledge that you did it - it doesn't change the story or earn you anything hugely impactful. It's also all stuff you can can do once the story's finished and your free to roam the open world. 

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