Death Stranding Fast Travel - How to unlock the Fragile Jump

death stranding fast travel
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If you want to use Death Stranding fast travel, in the original game or Director's Cut,  then don't worry - it's there, but it's a way into the story and, most importantly, you can only use it to move yourself around, not cargo. Deliveries still have to be done manually unfortunately, so Death Stranding fast travel is mainly a way of getting new missions, and jumping around to see characters. Any of the actual, literal donkey work, of picking up boxes and taking them somewhere else will still largely involve physical effort from you in Death Stranding. However, even the slightest bit of help isn't to be sniffed at here, so of you want to unlock the Death Stranding fast travel system then follow our guide to find out now, and what it can and can’t be used for.

How to unlock Death Stranding fast travel system

unlock Death Stranding fast travel system

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To unlock the Death Stranding fast travel system you have to reach the start of Chapter 3 in the story, which will involve you moving on from the Eastern Region to the Central Region via Port Knot City. You may be tempted to dilly dally in the Eastern Region and five-star all of the preppers, but trust us when we say that’s not worth it. Plus you can always come back and do it when you have better equipment from the Central Region (and of course, fast travel.)

When you land in the Central Region you should be treated to a number of cutscenes and story content. Once you escape the cinematics, the game will let you know that you can now use your private room to perform a Fragile Jump, which is Death Stranding’s term for the fast travel system. Again, we’ll keep things light to save on spoilers, but head down there for the next part of this guide.

How to fast travel in Death Stranding

How to fast travel in Death Stranding

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To fast travel in Death Stranding all you have to do is descend into your Private Room and look around until you see Fragile’s umbrella on the wall. Hit square on the prompt to be taken to the fast travel menu, where the game will show you all of the  locations to which you can now fast travel. It’s as simple as that!

Sam can fast travel to any location (across both regions) where he has previously visited which has a private room. This also takes into account player-built Safe House structures which are strewn across the landscape. It’s worth considering where you could place a Safe House if there are no private rooms in between a set of preppers. 

Beyond that, you’re now free to fast travel as much as you’d like. Now you can head back to the Eastern Region and clean up your leftover deliveries!

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