Hitman 3 on Epic Games Store won't import Hitman Steam levels after all

Hitman 2's A Bitter Pill stage in Hitman 3
(Image credit: IO Interactive)

When Hitman 3 was revealed as an Epic Games Store exclusive for PC, IO Interactive said players would be able to import their Steam content from the last two games - but it turns out that won't be the case.

A rundown of IO Interactive's launch plans for Hitman 3 reveals that Epic Games Store players will need to get access packs to play the levels from Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2 even if they already own them on Steam, though IO has some plans to make the transition more palatable.

For starters, you'll get the access pack to all of Hitman's levels for free if you pre-order Hitman 3, or buy it within 10 days of its arrival on January 20. If you already own Hitman on EGS - even if you picked it up during its turn as an Epic Games Store freebie back in August - you'll also be able to grab the access pack for free whenever.

Unfortunately, Hitman 2 never came to EGS. The only way to get its levels in Hitman 3 will be to pick up an access pack: the Hitman 2 Standard Access Pass, which includes all the levels from the base game; the Hitman 2 Gold Access Pass, which includes all the levels from the base game and DLC; and the Hitman 2 Expansion Access Pass, which includes just the DLC levels, will all be available for 80% off on EGS for the first two weeks after Hitman 3's launch.

The good news is that your progression from Hitman 2 will transfer over just fine even if your levels don't. Make sure you log into your IOI Account on the studio's website to complete the process before you start playing.

IO also revealed that the Hitman 3 Switch release date will be the same as the other versions, even though it's doing some special streaming magic.

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