He Was A Quiet Man review

Downtrodden cubicle monkey Bob Maconel (buck-toothed, thinning-of-barnet Christian Slater) is mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore. But as he prepares to go postal, another malcontent beats him to the punch. Pissed off, Bob tops the guy, unwittingly making himself the company hero, even romancing workplace-hottie-cum-shooting-victim Vanessa (Elisha Cuthbert, the most unconvincing quadriplegic ever). Alas, Bob’s prospects are laid low by director Frank Cappello’s doom-laden voiceover, overwrought camera angles and inventive-but-cheap CG daydreams (the talking goldfish is a high point). Taxi Driver filtered through Office Space, this Man is as schizoid as its lead, a shame given Slater’s gamely repellent performance.

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