Michael Myers is back, and Halloween is getting two sequels before 2021

One of the big horror movie rules is that the bad guy always comes back, so we shouldn't be surprised that Danny McBride's Halloween reboot is getting two sequels. Halloween Kills will be released in October 2020, and Halloween Ends in 2021. The teaser trailer tells us: "The saga of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode isn’t over."

On Twitter, the founder of Blumhouse Productions confirmed the key players who will be returning for the sequels. 

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Back in June he had teased us all with a picture of himself with Jamie Lee Curtis. 

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There's a lot for the sequels to play with, not least Strode as a kickass old lady and her daughter and granddaughter joining forces with her as a small but effective army. Could they go full vigilante and head out on a hunt for Myers? Or will he regain his strength, and seek them out? Either way, I want to see what happens. As long as it doesn't all go a bit Halloween III: Season of the Witch

These new movies are just the latest announcement from SDCC that will have horror fans' hearts beating extra hard. We've already had the final trailer for It: Chapter 2 and the what looks to be the scariest movie made in decades... Cats.

San Diego Comic Con has lots more to come, so keep an eye on our San Diego Comic Con 2019 schedule for all the unmissable moments. 

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