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GTA V: Over 40 vehicles confirmed in the trailer, see them here

Although the GTA 5 trailer isn't giving much away in terms of plot, there are clear indications of what vehicles you're going to be able to bang around in upon your return to Los Santos. We've combed through the footage to pick out a bloody load of them for your viewing pleasure.

Is it wrong that we're most excited about the possibility of bicycles making a return? Probably. Well, let's take a look at what's in store...

Golf karts

Above: Stealth kart


Above: Expect the soccer moms to be cruising around in these gas-guzzlers

Pickup trucks

Above: It really is there. Squint. SQUUUUUUIIIIIINNNNNNTTT

Range Rover-a-like

Above: The Huntley Sport from GTA IV looks set to make a return

Jet skis

Mercedes Benz M-Class-a-like

Above: Could be an Escalade too. Damn our feeble eyes

Convertible cars

Above: For the first time in GTA, you'll be able to drop the top off your car on the move

Above: ... and with the roof closed

Above: Convertibles also come in blue flavour


Above: It's missing a wheel but we didn't miss this hint that the bikes look ready to return to GTA