GTA V: Over 40 vehicles confirmed in the trailer, see them here

Cars you'll ditch as soon as you spot something quicker

Above: Dad car

Above: Ditto

Above: Yaaaaaaawwwwwwnnnnn


Above: The paramedics vehicle of choice returns along with - we suspect - side-missions




Above: We don't imagine much of a thrill to be had riding in one of these, but at least it's new


Above: Could be, might be, sort of looks like the Sentinel from GTA III

Muscle cars

More sports cars

Above: This really, really, really looks like an Audi R8

Above: A Porsche? Looks incredibly similar to the front end of the German beast

Loads more

Above: We can't really make these ones out. *Books eye test*

Surf board

Above: OK, it's extremely unlikely you'll get to ride this but we're hopeful of it being included

So did we miss any from the trailer? We're talking specifics and not the tiny blurs in the distance. Check the video again and let us know in the comments below...