GTA V: Over 40 vehicles confirmed in the trailer, see them here


Above: The Cropduster from San Andreas will be spreading the chemical goodness in GTA V

Above: We may have released a tiny bit of sex-wee when the Hydra burst into view

Above: Nothing quite says 'more money than sense' like a private lear jet


Above: Jeeps - the perfect vehicle for picking up cheap labourers for shitty jobs


Above: Ignore the hobo - like usual - and look at the big truck in the background

Above: A blue one. No doubt you'll see the big-rig delivery minigames make a comeback...

Above: ... like delivering goods to burger outlets. We like the Radioactive Man reference

Above: A tanker in the distance. We're DEFINITELY going to be doing delivery missions again

Smart cars?

Above: It might be the angle, but that looks suspiciously like one of those horrible little vehicles

Cop cars

Above: Because a GTA game isn't complete without the siren screaming 5-0 vehicles in it

Postal van

Above: Further proof that delivery side-missions are coming back in GTA V


Above: Delivering a very different kind of package in this van - mostly fear and crime