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GTA 5 player becomes first to beat the game without taking damage

One incredibly determined GTA 5 player has become the first to beat the game without taking any damage, and they managed the feat in just nine hours.

Granted, that's nine hours for the successful run, which Speedrunner UnNameD says was preceded by 47 unsuccessful attempts. Still, it's an incredible accomplishment that's hard to fathom if you've ever played the game (there's a lot of bullets). You can watch the prologue and first part of the no-hit run up top, and then follow with part 2 (opens in new tab) and then the pulse-pounding conclusion here (opens in new tab). I only wish we could've seen/heard the speedrunner's reaction when that final cutscene kicks in and they realize they just made GTA 5 history.

UnNameD used Abyssal's One-Hit Knock Out (opens in new tab) mod, which makes it so that any damage at all will kill the player and end the run. The mod also disables Trevor's Red Mist special ability that essentially makes him invincible, and UnNameD never used any armor. That way, you can be sure they didn't get hit by any rogue bullets without noticing.

GTA 5 is launching on PS5 and Xbox Series X in November with some new, undisclosed features as well as visual and performance improvements. In lieu of any official news about GTA 6, check out this GTA 5 photorealistic footage created using a machine learning model.

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Jordan Gerblick
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