GTA 5 Monkey Mosaics location guide

Monkey Mosaics 41-50 

41: Los Santos International Airport

Next to a Portacabin behind a warehouse at the airport.

42: Elysian Island

Around the back of the large concrete structure on the Ron oil dock.

43: Elysian Island/Voodoo Place

Next to the Portacabin behind the warehouse at the end of the dock.

44: Teminal/Buccaneer Way

Around the back of the Alpha Mail warehouse.

45: El Burro Heights

On the back of some warehouse steps in the middle of the scrapyard.

46: Cypress Flats

47: Rancho/Dutch London St

On a low wall next to a Mexican and American diner.

48: Rancho

On the east lower roof of the Beacon Theatre - access via a ladder round the back.

49: Strawberry

In the homeless camp under the freeway, by some wooden pallets.

50: Strawberry

Down a narrow alleyway between the freeway and the exit ramp.

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