GTA 5 Monkey Mosaics location guide

Monkey Mosaics 31-40 

31: Murrieta Heights

Next to a graffitied wall, on the side road below the freeway.

32: Mirror Park

On the end of the public restroom building in the park.

33: La Mesa

On the side of a train car under the freeway.

34: Vinewood

Under the overpass by the freeway, behind a homeless shelter.

35: Pillbox Hill

Behind a planter in an alcove - stand on top of a vehicle to get the whole mosaic in shot.

36: Vespucci Canals

On the side of the skateboard ramp in the park.

37: San Andreas

Inside bay 3 of the sports area near Vespucci Beach.

38: La Puerta/Tackle St

Tucked behind a bush to the rear of Viceroy Hotel %26 Resort.

39: La Puerta/La Puerta Fwy

On the base of the Maze Bank Arena billboard beneath the freeway.

40: Los Santos International Airport

On the end of a cargo container behind the airport Los Santos Customs.

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