GTA 5 Monkey Mosaics location guide

Monkey Mosaics 21-30 

21: Del Perro

By the stairs leading down to the subway.

22: Morningwood

On the back of the large sign above Woody's Autos.

23: Rockford Hills

By the armrest on a stone bench next to the fountain.

24: Rockford Hills

On the side of one of the wall supports next to the freeway.

25: Burton

On a wall above the Cherry Popper Ice-cream Company - access by climbing the ladder behind the Little Teapot Tea %26 Coffee House down the street.

26: West Vinewood

Above the windows under the awning of the Hardcore Comic Store. Have a chat with Impotent Rage while you're here!

27: Downtown Vinewood

On a side wall of Bishop's WTF?! directly above The 'C'* Bomb.

28: Downtown Vinewood

On the side of Mono A Mono, behind a bollard.

29: Downtown Vinewood

On a low roof behind the Vinewood Plaza Hotel - climb up the ladder to access then look behind the air vents.

30: Tatavian Mountains

On the back of the 24/7 store, in the alleyway between the building and the freeway.

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